Difference Between i5 and i7: Which One Is A Better Processor?

A very simple answer would be their processor. You might be thinking the i5 has 5 processors and the i7 has 7 processors. That’s what we all used to think. But no, their differences will shock your mind.

If you plan to build a gaming PC but are depressed because you don’t have enough budget for the Core i7, this article will surely bring a smile to your face. So, what is the main difference between i5 and i7 processors? Keep reading this article and you will discover something very cool and cost-effective.

Let’s Understand i5 & i7 First

Of course, the difference is not in the number of cores. Core i5 and i7 are part of the intel core family. They have different models that come with different performances. Higher the model number the better the performance will be.

For example, the Core i5 6500 is faster than the i5 6400. It is true for core i7 as well. They are also denoted by the U, K, H, HK, K, and T based on their usage. Processors made for the mainstream thin laptops are denoted by U and K.

Processors that are made for the desktop use K and T at the end of the model’s name. Such as the Intel Core i5 6600K. For laptops, H and HK are used at the end of the model number.

Key Difference Between i5 and i7

As of now, we understand the core processors. They are defined by their performance and their performance is defined by the model numbers. But it doesn’t mean all of these processors have the same number of core processors. No, they aren’t.

Other than the number of processors there are other differences as well. These differences will help you in your purchase decision. So, let’s check it out!

Number of Core

Now it might sound very confusing. Before I said the number of cores is not different but right now, I am saying that there is. Ok! Let’s not make it complicated. the I5 processor doesn’t have 5 cores and the i7 doesn’t have 7 cores.

But the i5 has a dual-core and quad-core. This means all the versions of i5 have either 2 core processors or 4 core processors. On the other hand, the i7 has dual-core, quad-core, and Hexa-core processors. This means even if you are buying an i7 you might get dual-core inside both in the i5 and i7. But only the i7 has a 6-core processor which is not available in core i5.

Difference in Performance

This brings a huge difference in i5 and i7. Core i7 has a Hyper-Threading system which is barely found in i5 or other versions of the intel processors. Hyper-Threading technology doubles the performance of the core processors.

If i7 has 2 cores the technology can boost the performance to the level of 4 cores. So, if your i7 has 6 core processors, it can take the performance to the 12 core processors. This kind of technology is very useful for tasks like video rendering, video converting, video streaming, etc.

On the other hand, the i5 has Turbo technology. This state-of-the-art technology streamlines the clock speed of the CPU while mitigating the processor from being overheated. Previously, processors tend to get overheated while overclocking. Turbo boost completely reduces the problem. This means you can get higher efficiency without harming your processors.

Different in Cache Memory

Let’s understand cache memory first. Cache memory helps computers perform faster in repetitive tasks. The information stored in the cache memory saves time from storing information in the motherboard and retrieving it.

The higher the memory is, the higher the performance will be. The highest cache memory offered by the core i7 is 8 MB while i5 only offers 6 MB.

The Difference Between i5 and i7 in a Nutshell

Let’s utilize i5 vs i7 with a competitive chart. This will also give you a quick overview when don’t have time to read the whole article.

As there are many variants of both i5 and i7, we have taken the i5 8600k and i7 8700k for differentiation.


i5 8600k

i7 8700k

Number of Cores






Base Clock

3.6 GHz

3.7 GHz

Turbo Clock

4.3 GHz

4.7 GHz


UHD Graphics 630

UHD Graphics 630




i5 vs i7: Which One is the Best?

It depends on what type of task you are planning to do with your computer. If you are planning for your next gaming PC then core i5 will be the perfect choice for you. In other words, Core i5 is a perfect match for offices, gamers, and personal use. It is because i5 can boost the clock performance and give you a better experience. No doubt, it can save your money as well. Due to the Turbo Boost technology i5 also works better for gamers.

However, i7 should be the right choice for gaming. The Hyper-Threading system has nothing to do with gaming. So, it does not increase the gaming experience. Besides higher gaming performance you might need a higher graphics card for i7 which will exit your budget. On the other hand, the i5 and Nvidia GTX 980Ti can give you a fantastic gaming experience.

But if you want video editing, video streaming, managing servers, then i7 is the perfect choice for you. With the Hyper-Threading technology, i7 can render videos faster than the other processors. Besides video streaming and other high-end work, i7 should be the first choice for you.

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Final Words

After analyzing the difference between i5 and i7, you should spend money wisely, on the right processor. Think about what you wanted to do with your PC. For faster performance, for gaming go for core i5 but for repetitive and multi-tasking for i7. Yes, investing a lot on i7 for gaming will not be the worth of your money. Yes, you don’t need to be depressed if you can’t buy an i7 for gaming, because you don’t need it after all.

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