How to Go Full Screen on Windows 10 | Simple Tricks in 2022

Yes, although the subject is very simple and easy, many people could not get over the headache with this matter. Although many of us face this problem every day, we forget how to solve it due to our busy schedules. This article will show you how to go full screen on windows 10. The process is also the same for going full screen on laptops, going full screen for games.

How to Go Full Screen on Windows 10: A simple trick is all you need

You may not be an expert in using technology, you may often wonder – how can I make my computer’s screen full size? Usually whenever we are using our computers, whether it’s the folder or browser, we get default screens like below –

Default Folder View

Default Folder View

Default Browser View

Default Browser View

You may not like this view for working as the taskbar may distract you from your objective. Say you are working on something important, suddenly there’s a notification from Facebook and the browser icon starts blinking. Then, you can get easily distracted and forget where you had left your work. For such issues, many of us like to work on a full-screen display on Windows.

But for some reason, some people don’t spend a little bit of time finding the solution for the windows 10 full-screen problem. Just because the problem is minor, we shouldn’t ignore it. In fact, it’s really not a problem, it’s something fundamental that everyone should know for their daily works.

We are going to a simple trick that will solve this problem in an instant. Now, we should mention that there is no dedicated full-screen button on the keyboard. However, there is an ‘F11’ button that will make your computer screen full size. Whether you are using the browser or folder, just press the ‘F11’ button to go full-screen mode.

Obviously, it’s also the same for a laptop as well. Once you go full-screen on your laptop or desktop, you won’t see tabs, search bar, or taskbar anymore. This button is located in the middle of the ‘F10’ and ‘F12’ buttons.

The F11 button

F11 Button

Now if the ‘F11’ not working for full screen, or you have no ‘F11’ key on your keyboard; there is a way to use the full-screen function. However, the solution may work for browsers but not for the Windows folder. On the top right corner of Chrome, there is a 3-dot menu button.

Click it, and then click the icon located at the rightest corner of the ‘Zoom’ row. This method is pretty much the same for other browsers like Firefox, Microsoft Edge, etc.

Full screen without f11

Hence for Internet Explorer, the method is a little different. Follow these 3 steps –

  1. Click the settings icon on the right corner of the browser.
  2. Then, click on ‘file’ inside the settings icon.
  3. Inside ‘file’, click on “Full screen” to go full screen. You will see ‘F11’ is written beside it.

Full screen on Internet Explorer

If you run a game, but it won’t start in full-screen mode, then you can either press the square icon that represents full-screen mode. It is just beside the close (X) icon. Otherwise, pressing the ‘F11’ will open the game in full-screen mode. So the solution is the same to go full screen on windows 10 for games.

Full screen for games

To conclude…

If you have read this article, we can tell that you have found the solution for going full screen on windows 10. Therefore, you don’t have to deal with this minor problem anymore. Tips like this simplify many complex tasks of our lives. Once we know the solution to these, we find ourselves amazed thinking how easy the task actually was. Stay connected with us to know more interesting tips like this one. Thanks for reading this article, we hope you have appreciated it.

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