How to See What Hard Drive I Have: The Easiest Way in 2022

Nowadays, an electronic device is a part of our life. If you have a device, then the device has a hard drive part. So, what is the hard drive? And how to see what hard drive I have?

When you read this introduction, this question will be coming to your mind.
So, do you want to know about hard drives?

Well, the hard drive is the most important part of the device. It stores and retrieves all data. And do more things. You can easily check the hard drive on your computer/laptop. Just read this article and follow all the instructions.

What is the hard drive? And how does it work?

A hard drive is the part of the hardware that stores and restores all the digital data. For example, your picture, music, documentation, file, video, everything is data.

One more thing is hard drive can be an internal and external part.

Now, you know that about hard drives. So do you think about how does a hard drive works?

Let’s learn in a simple way.

Use an operating system for all digital data stored on the hard drive. But all data size is not the same. Every data stored hard drive depends on the size.

For example, documentation file data size is small than video data size. Picture data is small compared to music data.

Overall, a hard drive decides the size of all data and then turns into megabytes (MB), terabytes (TB), and gigabytes (GB). And finally, store all the data on the hard drive.

Check The hard Drive

You have a computer/desktop/laptop, but you don’t know how to check the hard drive on your computer.

Here, you can easily learn how to check a hard drive!

First, you have to open your computer. Now click the right button on your computer mouse board.

After that, select the properties point from the menu, which will show on your computer screen. Then click the general option to see the hard drive’s capacity, use space, and free space.

Then, click the hardware tab to display the installed drives on the PC. Now. Click the disk drives or drive labeled.

So, if you want to check the hard drive’s name, then go properties option and check the device driver details. Finally, if you want to close the tab, you can click OK or click tab cross sign.

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How to see what hard drive I have: Find detailed hard drive information in windows

You can find out hard drive information and check hard drive on windows. Just you have to follow some steps. Below given:

  • First, you need to click START and go ahead to the control panel. But if you are using Windows 7, then you can find the control panel through the setting point.
  • Now, select System and Maintenance.
  • Click the Device Manager.
  • Then click the Disk Drives.
  • Finally, you can see all the information about your hard drive on the windows screen.

Check Hard Drive Through Device Manager

This process is so simple and easy. You just follow the step, that’s it. You don’t need to go anywhere to check the hard drive information of your computer.

For Apple Laptop, to discover hard disk information on a Mac OS X machine

This process is a few differences compared to the upper step. For Apple laptops, users can follow this step if the user wants to know about their laptop hard drive.

  • You have to do click on the apple icon on the top left side of the display.
  • Now, click the “About this Mac” point.
  • Then you need to click the “More Info” point and go to the hardware section.
  • Finally, click “Serial-ATA” for hard drive data. Now you may click the USB to know the size, the number of models, and USB external drive serial number.

That’s it. It is also so easy step. So, you can easily check it.

Perhaps, this video may help you with a visual demonstration to answer the question “how to see what hard drive I have?” –

Finding your laptop hard drive information with your computer

If you want to know about your hard drive information, go online and search for the model number of your laptop. This is the faster way to get common data of PC.

You can find out hard drive data and hard drive settings through a faster search.

But it can be one issue that is few vendors use different hard drive suppliers. Therefore, it may create some issues for finding data.


In this generation, we have a computer, laptop, or PC, but many people have no idea how to see what hard drive I have?
This article learns about the hard drive, how it works and processes, and the most important point is to learn how to check our laptop hard drive.

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