Windows 11: What You Still Don’t Know (January 2022 Update)

Yes, the time has finally come for Windows to elevate to the next stage. This time it will be something completely new.

The platform is going to evolve where you may have played your first game, sent your first email, browsed the internet, and written the first line of code. This platform or operating system is none other than Microsoft Windows.

Billions of people rely on Windows for various activities. Windows is playing a vital role in our personal, professional, economic, entertainment, and even social matters. In this article, we are going to cover everything that Microsoft has confirmed until now. We will update this in a timely manner if there’s anything new.

Here’s what we are going to discuss at a glance –

Get to know Windows 11: The successor of Windows 10?

Developed by the Microsoft team, Windows 11 is the next major version of the current Windows 10 or Windows NT operating system.

The noticeable change on this OS is the “Cloud Powered” Start Menu (kind of similar to macOS). It has been moved to the center and it will dynamically change according to the time. And we are hoping the new Windows 11 logo will be spectacular.

– But can it be the true successor of Windows 10? Perhaps, time will tell the answer.

We just couldn’t resist showing you the intro video of the new Windows 11 –

Windows 11 Release Date

You may have already searched this on your browser –

– When is Windows 11 coming out?

So when will Windows 11 be released? This year on June 24, Microsoft had a big Windows 11 event. At that event, they said the new operating system will likely come out at the end of 2021. So, it is somewhere close to November or December.

Now, you have an idea about when Windows 11 will be released.

Windows 11 System Requirements

Microsoft has released a Windows 11 beta version (22000.51) for the Windows Insiders or beta channel. You can download it if you want to do some experiments. Also, a tool has been released (PC Health Check app) if you want to know the compatibility.

We have also provided the minimum system requirements –


  • GHz - 1 or faster

  • Cores - 2 or more

  • System on a Chip (SoC) or 61-bit compatible


4 GB


64 GB or more


Windows 11 TPM (Trusted Platform Module) version 2.0


DirectX 12 compatible

System firmware

UEFI, Secure Boot capable


  • More than 9” HD

  • Support 720p

Internet connection

Required for Windows 11 Home

Windows 11 Features

Microsoft says they have simplified the new operating system. They have changed the start button, taskbar, font, sound, icon, and everything intentionally to present a calmness while you are using it.

If possible, get some knowledge from the windows 11 insider preview. We highly suggest this if you are eager to know more about the features. Anyways, we will talk about the features that are worth mentioning.

Flexibility in multitasking

While you can only access 2 windows on the current version, the new version will let you access multiple windows at the same time. As a result, you can be more focused on your work by optimizing your screen.

Windows 11 multitasking

(Source – Microsoft)

Create a new window for individual sections of your work, whether it’s for gaming, working, or studying. Also, the new Snap Groups, Snap Layouts, and Desktops will help you to multitask exactly how you want. This will eventually boost your productivity.

Improvement in gaming

Windows 11 Gaming

(Source – Microsoft)

Windows has always been the ultimate platform for gaming. Despite the inventions of modern-day consoles, millions of people around the world are still playing games on this platform. Unleash your full potential for gaming with Windows 11.

Here are some mentionable updates –

  • DirectX 12 Ultimate – Will enable immersive graphics and a higher frame rate while gaming.
  • DirectStorage – Will accelerate details and increase the loading time.
  • Auto HDR – With a vivid range of colors, this will present a visual experience that is truly captivating.
  • Xbox Game Pass – Get access to more than 100 high-end games with new games coming constantly. And connect with other friends whether they are on PC or console.

A faster way to access contacts, news, and more

Microsoft Team is a revolutionary invention. And, this will be integrated into the dock. So, you can text or call anyone from anywhere. Instantly access your contacts and connect the person on the other end whether he is on Android, iOS, or Windows.

If the person hasn’t downloaded the Teams app, you can still connect with him via two-way SMS. Now, this is something absolutely amazing. Perhaps, Teams will overtake Skype someday.

Windows 11 Start Menu

(Source – Microsoft)

Accessing the news portal will become easier than ever through widgets. You will get news and weather updates according to real-time. All these can be found in a personalized feed, which is powered by AI.

Microsoft 365 is another tool to talk about. It will show you the most recent files whether it was on Windows, Android, or iOS. And they will ensure you will need no browser other than Microsoft Edge.

Also, learn about the new Edge Chromium browser that is exclusively built for Windows 11.

Access to Android Apps

Now, you can download TikTok and other android applications directly from the Windows Store. As a result, you can also use them on your desktop. This is a significant improvement for Windows.

This feature is already admired by many people. Yusuf Mehdi (Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Corp) tweeted this –

You can visit Microsoft Store through the Amazon App Store. Maybe Amazon is doing this to replace the .apk extension. But that’s not our concern. However, accessing android apps can divert many Mac users. So, Apple must come up with something greater.

An all-new Microsoft Store

You will find a Microsoft Store with a new interface. The store is not only redesigned but also newly functional. Managing purchased apps has been upgraded. You can also mirror these applications directly on your smart TV.

Along with this, it is filled with more applications, games, movies than before. Microsoft is very excited to welcome apps like Disney+, Visual Studio, Microsoft Teams, Adobe Creative Cloud, Canva, Zoom, etc. So, hold your horses for the excitement.

The new Windows Store will become more eco-friendly for the developers. Microsoft will be welcoming ISVs (Independent Software Vendors), PWA (Progressive Web App), and UWP (Universal Windows App) for creating more opportunities.

They have also changed their revenue-sharing policies for the app developers. Developers will be excited to know –

– Microsoft Store will give them 100% of the revenue.

Touch improvement

The substantial touch improvements suggest it can be the system’s fortune for the new Surface pipeline. This can be a selling point for the upcoming tablets as well.

When you use the trackpad, you will see gestures on the new Surface models. On top of that, people will use Surface devices more for sketching and drawing. Because the new Windows version is bringing better haptic feedback.

Now bigger areas can be moved around by touch. You will be able to move around multiple windows and optimize rotations with your finger. And better arrangements will be found to keep track of your applications.

That’s not all, the touch keyboard is redesigned as well. The keys will be resized matching your thumb and ready-to-use emojis will be there. Microsoft will also improve voice commands, dictation, the “delete that” feature, and more.

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Windows 11 Pricing

Of course, price is a major consideration. Microsoft didn’t talk about pricing on the event either. But on the FAQ section on the official site, we have found this –

Windows 11 Price
Furthermore, they said Windows 11 will be shipped for the new PCs in late 2021 and standalone copies will be available in early 2022. If you still want to get an idea from us about the price, we estimate that the price of Windows 11 Home will be around $100 and the price of the Pro version will be more than $100.

Find Windows 11

Is Windows 11 free? Microsoft has announced Windows 10 users can do a Windows 11 free upgrade. But a purchase is required for those who aren’t Windows 10 users. So, if you are running Windows 10, you will be able to upgrade it for free.

A wise piece of advice –

Stick to Windows 10 until a stable version of Windows 11 is released.

But don’t worry, there is an option for downgrading back to Windows 10 after you have upgraded to Windows 11. This can be done if you are experiencing issues or if the new operating system feels buggy.

Now you may ask – how to download windows 11? Or – how to upgrade to Windows 11? We can surely redirect you where to find it –

Find or Purchase Windows 11 Here

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