Microsoft Edge Chromium: What’s New in the Latest Version (+ Download Link)

Many of you may not know that Microsoft Edge is a cross-platform browser that runs on Windows and Android, macOS, iOS, Linux (a preview), and even on Xbox One.

Edge can be declared as the property of Microsoft. Because Microsoft had used its own Edge HTML (browser engine) and Chakra JavaScript engine just for building Edge. Shocking right?

Microsoft Edge Chromium release date was on January 15, 2020. They have big plans for this version, especially targeting Windows and macOS users. With that being said, a stable version is already available for the consumers to download.

Stick to this article as we have included the link at the bottom. Meanwhile, you may find useful insights and reasons why you should start using the new Edge Chromium browser instead of other browsers. Because we will go through a brief Microsoft Edge Chromium review.

What’s New on Microsoft Edge Chromium Version?

Basically, the plan is to replace the Edge Legacy with Chromium-based Edge. This is why Microsoft kept rolling out the new Edge versions for Windows 7, 8.1, and 10 through automatic updates. From 2003 to 2004, Microsoft put a lot of emphasis on this work.

And, surprisingly –

– Microsoft has already released Edge based on Chromium on March 6, 2021. But only to the Xbox Insider Alpha Skip Ahead group.

So, if you are a member of that group, we hope you are enjoying the new Microsoft Edge Chromium.

Microsoft Edge Based on Chromium

Just like Google Chrome, the new Edge browser is an open-source project and forms the same basis. It even includes similar features and supports browser extensions that can be found in Chrome. In addition to this, the same rendering engine can be found in the new Microsoft Edge Browser.

Furthermore, there are 3 different levels in the new version to stop tracking your records. While other browsers keep tracking your privacy and browsing history, you have an opportunity to stop this with the new version of Edge.

By default, a setting will be applied to block trackers from websites that you have never visited before. As a result, the browser will show you less personalized ads by blocking harmful trackers.

You can also block most of the trackers on the web by enabling the strict mode. However, some websites may fail to load or may not work correctly.

Reasons to Switch to Edge Chromium Over Other Browsers –

Perhaps, this will sound more like Microsoft Edge Chromium vs Chrome. Both browsers are incredibly fast. Although people are using Google Chrome rather than Microsoft Edge, the same may not happen with the Chromium version.

Chrome might be the dominator of all browsers. But there are chances for Microsoft to create dominance with the new Edge. Because it is a lot more web-compatible than before. The competition between Chrome and Chromium can be a good sign for the consumers.

Hopefully, with the new Windows 11, the benefits of the new Edge based on Chromium browser can be enjoyed more.

This chart will present a competitive comparison between these 2 browsers which we have obtained from the overall findings –




Open Source?

Yes (but no decomposition, reverse engineering)

Yes (the source code can be modified by anyone)

Automatics updates and browsing data?



Tracks browsing history and data?



Privacy protection


Better than Chrome

Automatic updates


Manually download and install updates

Built-in support for media codecs?



Resource to run

Needs more resources to run

Needs fewer resources to run

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Some Frequently Asked Questions Regarding The New Edge

  1. Is there any difference between Edge and Edge Chromium?
    Ans: The new version of Edge is based on Chromium while the previous version wasn’t. This is the biggest difference between Edge and Edge Chromium. Chromium is an open-source platform like Google Chrome. On top of that, Microsoft will not provide support for the old version, which is also referred to as the Edge Legacy.
  2. Is Microsoft Edge also based on Chromium?
    Ans: No, the previous version wasn’t anything like Chromium. Unlike the old Microsoft Edge, the new Edge based on Chromium follows the principles of Google Chrome’s open-source project. It means anyone can modify the source code.
  3. Is Microsoft Edge Chromium safe to use?
    Ans: We assume, the new Edge is more secure than any other browser. It is fast and it has a built-in defense mechanism to protect you from malware and phishing. The default settings will prevent trackers from the websites that haven’t been visited before. On top of that, the hardware isolation of Windows 10 is natively supported by this browser.

Overall Verdict

Whether or not Edge Chromium will be successful depends on how users become accustomed to it over time. While Google Stadia and Google Meet were accessible in both Chrome and in the beta version, the previous Edge didn’t support it. We hope the new version has overcome these compatibility issues.

We didn’t find any Microsoft Edge Chromium offline installer. You can download the Edge Chromium browser from Microsoft’s official website if you want to try it by yourself.

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